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Pourdavoud Lecture Series: Hilmar Klinkott

306 Royce Hall 10745 Dickson Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Consolidation of Law, Legal Order, and the Question of Constitutionalizing Processes in the Achaemenid Empire The Old Persian inscriptions of Darius I deal with a range of legal, particularly constitutional questions. The famous grave inscription from Naqsh-i Rustam (DNb) constitutes the conceptional center of a thematical text corpus, exemplified in specific details and different legal...

Pourdavoud Lecture Series: Robert Rollinger

306 Royce Hall 10745 Dickson Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

The “Persian Wars”: An Alternative Perspective? The “Persian Wars” are still regarded by many scholars and the interested general public as one of the major events in western history. The instructive and captivating narrative of Herodotus’ Histories became a pillar of Greek historical consciousness which, after some breaks, was transformed into a western European culture...

Pourdavoud Lecture Series: Wu Xin

306 Royce Hall 10745 Dickson Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Regal Metamorphosis: A Transcultural Journey of the Achaemenid Royal Women to the East   Xiwangmu, also known as the Queen of the West, is a significant deity in ancient Chinese mythology, revered initially as the protector of departed souls. Her representation emerged during the late Western Han period around the 1st century BCE. Scholars have...