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Pourdavoud Center Lecture Series: Anne Hunnell Chen

314 Royce Hall 10745 Dickson Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Dislodging Disciplinary Silos at Dura-Europos Founded by the Seleucids, successively occupied by the Arsacids (Parthians) and Romans, and spectacularly conquered in a Sasanian siege, the borderland town of Dura-Europos (Syria) was home throughout its history to a fascinatingly diverse population. Since its initial excavation, the site has become justly famous thanks to unique circumstances of...

Pourdavoud Center Lecture Series: Anahita Mittertrainer

Symbols of Royal Authority?  Early Sasanian Cityscapes in Southwestern Iran   The early Sasanian royal city foundations of Gūr and Bīšāpūr and their respective surrounding areas were actively shaped by the new ruling dynasty with the goal of making an imprint of identity on the landscape and – especially in the initial phase – decisively...

Pourdavoud Center Lecture Series: Eve MacDonald

Telling Tales: Constructing Sasanian History in the Landscape The narrative stories and physical landscapes of the Sasanian Empire run parallel to each other, intersecting in areas where historical source and physical remnant of the material culture collide.  This is specifically relevant in the borderlands of the Sasanian’s vast realm, between the lands of Eran and...