Elizabeth Carter

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E-mail: carter@humnet.ucla.edu Phone: 310-206-5474 Office: 384 Humanities Building


PhD with honors, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago (1971)


  • A study of the Luristan Bronzes. I use these objects to study the interconnections among Elam, Mesopotamia and the Zagros mountains in the Iron Age
  • Surveys and Excavations along the Syro-Anatolian Frontier: Vol. I, The Kahramanmaraş Survey. In preparation



Additional Books

  • Excavations in the Ville Royale at Susa: The Third Millennium B.C. Occupation. Cahiers de la delegation archéologique française en Iran 11, 1980. Paris: Association Paléorient. (135 pages).
  • Nippur II: The North Temple and Sounding E. Excavations. D. E. McCown, Richard C. Haines and Robert D. Biggs, assisted by Elizabeth Carter (1978). Oriental Institute Publication 98. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (105 pages plus 77 plates).

Recent Elamite Articles

  • “Resisting Empire: Elam in the First Millennium B.C. in Settlement and Society: Essays Dedicated to Robert McCormick Adams, edited by Elizabeth Stone. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology (2007), 139-156.
  • “Elamite Pottery,” with H. T. Wright in Elamite and Achaemenid settlement on the Deh Luran Plain; towns and villages of the early empires in southwestern Iran. Ed. by Henry T. Wright and James A. Neely. U. of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. 2010. Pp.11-22.
  • “Landscapes of Death in Susiana during the Last Half of the 2nd Millennium BC” in Elam and Persia, edited by Mark Garrison and Javier Mons-Alvarez. Winnona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns. 2011. Pp. 45-58
  • “Royal Women in Elamite Art.” in press in Extraction and Control: Studies in Honor of Matthew W. Stolper, edited by W.F.M. Henkleman, C.E. Jones, M.Kozuh & C. Woods. Chicago.

Kahramanmaraş and Domuztepe Reports

  • For yearly reports see http://kvmgm.kulturturizm.gov.tr/Genel/BelgeGoster.aspx
  • Emergent Complexity on the Kahramanmaraş Plain: The Domuztepe Project 1995-1997 Stuart Campbell and E.Carter, E. Healey, S. Andersen, A. Kennedy and S. Witcher,   American Journal of Archaeology 103/4 (1999), 395-418.
  • Elusive Complexity: New Data from Late Halaf Domuztepe in South Central Turkey,” with S. Campbell and S. Gauld, Paléorient 29/2 (2003), 117-133.
  • “Resource Exploitation at Late Neolithic Domuztepe: Faunal and Botanical Evidence with Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Amanda Kennedy, and Campbell. Current Anthropology 50/6 (2009), 897-912.
  • “Whose bones are those? comparative analysis of fragmented human and animal bones in the “Death Pit” at Domuztepe, a Late Neolithic Settlement in southeastern Turkey,” with Sarah W. Kansa, S. C. Gauld, S. Campbell, Anthropozoologica 44(1) (2009):159–172.
  • “The Glyptic of the Middle-Late Halaf Period at Domuztepe, Turkey (ca. 5755-5450 BC).” in Paleórient, vol. 36.1 (2010), 159-177.
  • “On Human and Animal Sacrifice in the Late Neolithic,” in in Sacred Killing: The Archaeology of Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East, A. Porter and G. Swartz. Winnona Lake Indiana: Eisenbrauns. 2012. Pp. 97-124.


  • Sumerians (Ancient Near East/History M104B)
  • Babylonians (Ancient Near East/Hisotry M104C)
  • Assyrians (Ancient Near East/History M104D)
  • Archaeology of Iran (Ancient Near East/ Iranian CM163, Ancient Near East/Iranian CM259)
  • Archaeology of Iran (Ancient Near East/ Iranian CM163, Ancient Near East/Iranian CM259)
  • Seminar: Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology (Ancient Near East 260)
  • Seminar: Object Archaeology (Ancient Near East 262)