Achaemenid Workshop 1 Videos Available

Published: July 13, 2023

We are pleased to share with you the recorded lectures from the First Achaemenid Workshop, Identity, Alterity, and the Imperial Impress in the Achaemenid World, hosted at UCLA on April 12–14, 2023. The symposium included invited speakers whose research pertain to the history, structures, and impact of the Achaemenid empire. The overarching themes covered by the workshop are: current trends in Achaemenid scholarship; new horizons in art and archaeology; Achaemenid reception, and the notions of identity, alterity, and the imperial impress in Achaemenid Elam and Persis, Anatolia, the Caucasus, and Egypt.

Click here to view our Online Video Library and watch the videos.

The first workshop introduced a new series of symposia, dubbed Achaemenid Workshops (AchWorks), which, building on the strength of Achaemenid studies in the past decades, seek to revisit and reassess the state of Achaemenid scholarship over the coming years with a dozen workshops hosted at leading institutions of ancient studies around the globe. Coordinated by the Pourdavoud Center in conjunction with AchWorks’ Organizing Board, the workshops aspire to become an intellectual hub for Achaemenid studies, while also affording an institutional framework to foster future generations of scholars working on the Achaemenid world.