The UCLA Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lectures

The Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series are delivered by an outstanding scholar whose work has distinctively impacted the study of the Iranian Civilization. Each biennial lecture series consists of four to five lectures on a single theme that is subsequently elaborated and amplified into a monograph. The lectures represent original research and synthesis in all aspects of Iranian Studies, including archaeology and art history, as well as history, literature, the study of religions, and philosophy.

The UCLA Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lectures, new series, were initiated more recently, and their proceedings are published with UC Press as part of a new series Iran and the Ancient World (IAW).

Iran and the Ancient World – UC Press


The recipients of the UCLA Yarshater Biennial Lectures, new series, are:

Professor Maria Macuch

Sasanian Law in its Social Context

November 9–18, 2015
Professor Dan T. Potts

Aspects of Kingship in Ancient Iran

March 2–11, 2020
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Professor Robert Rollinger

The Achaemenid Persian World Empire

April 11–20, 2022