Fall Welcome 2020: Gateways to Iranian Archaeology

Published: October 23, 2020

This digital fall reception celebrated the continued success of the Pourdavoud Center for the Study of the Iranian World. In the company of Dr. Anahita Naficy Lovelace and Mr. Jim Lovelace, the Center’s benefactors, David Schaberg, Dean of Humanities, M. Rahim Shayegan, the Center’s director, our staff, academic affiliates, colleagues, students, and esteemed guests, we…

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Achaemenid Religious Monuments: An Archaeological Perspective

Published: February 19, 2020

Achaemenid Religious Monuments: An Archaeological Perspective Much has been written on the religions of the Achaemenid empire, but scholarship centered on the physical places of worship and the practice of religious rites within those spaces is either scarce or embedded in discussions of other topics. In absence of temples, certain monumental structures of unknown function…

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