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Ancient Iran and the Classical World, An International Symposium

Ancient Persia and the West, An International Symposium

The Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series

Contextualizing Iranian Religions in the Ancient World - 14th Melammu Symposium

Ehsan Yarshater: A Homage

  • Ehsan Yarshater: A Homage

    Recorded: November 19, 2018
    Event: Ehsan Yarshater: A Homage

    by M. Rahim Shayegan (UCLA), Rudi Matthee (University of Delaware), ProdsOktor Skjærvø (Harvard), Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak (UCLA), Elton Daniel (Columbia University), and Ali Gheissari (University of San Diego)

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Pourdavoud Center/Amuzegar Lecture Series

Pourdavoud Center Lecture Series

Pourdavoud Center Workshop - Current Trends in Manichaeism Studies

Pourdavoud Center Workshop - The Puzzling Papyrus: New Perspectives on Papyrus Amherst 63

Pourdavoud Center Workshop - Udjahorresnet’s Egypt